The New Antaios Journal

The New Antaios Journal

The New Antaios JournalThe New Antaios Journal was founded by authors Ernst Jünger and Mircea Eliade who were editors of the original Antaios Journal (1959-1971). The original Antaios Journal and The New Antaios Journal are both named after a giant from the Greek mythology who was defeated by Heracles. The New Antaios Journal is focused and dedicated in its entirety to the studies of Sanātana Dharma (Hinduism), Hellenismos (Hellenism (Greek: Ἐλληνισμός), or the Hellenic Ethnic Religion (Greek: Ελληνική Εθνική Θρησκεία), also known as Dodekatheism (Greek: Δωδεκαθεϊσμός) and finally The Original Neoplatonism (as it is).  

In its inner core, the journal continues the legacy of the two principal authors who created the journal, along with other important authors and thinkers, thus continuing to study and research further, the life and works of Ernst Jünger, Friedrich Georg Jünger, Emil Cioran, Béla Hamvas, Mircea Eliade, Sri 108 Ananta das Babaji Maharaja, Sri Satyanarayana das Babaji Maharaja, Sri Ram Swarup, Sri Rishi Kumar Mishra, Dr. Jarava Lal Mehta, Martin Heidegger, Henri Vincenot, Alain Daniélou and Nicolás Gómez Dávila.

Journal editors are Thor Einar Leichhardt (Northern Ireland) and Boris Nad (Serbian writer and publicist, born in Vinkovci, Slavonia, in 1966). The journal’s website presence and design is created by Australian award winning graphic designer and editor Zvonimir Tosic MA.

Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce the upcoming article submission deadline December the 31st, for the first printed issue of The New Antaios Journal.

The New Antaios Journal is continuation of the original Antaios Journal whose editors were Ernst Jünger and Mircea Eliade. Similarly, we intent to build on their legacy from the 20th century a new life for this journal in the 21st century. The journal continues respectively with focus on studies in ‘’Hellenismos, Neoplatonism and Hinduism’’ along with the further research and study of the five authors significant for our journal – Ernst and F.G. Jünger, Mircea Eliade , Emil Cioran, Martin Heidegger.

Book reviews accepted. No fiction or poetry is accepted. Articles should have ‘’Oxford Referencing system’’ and reference for all the sources quoted in the articles. All the contents must be submitted in Microsoft Word.

Regarding further information or any inquiries, please contact us via contact form: